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Relocation Service Iran

At long last, the EU has largely lifted the sanctions against Iran.

For many companies, lifting the sanctions makes market cultivation in Iran easier and the atmosphere of change and optimism is not to be overseen.

It is now that the companies start seeing themselves confronted with questions such as

  • Under which conditions am I allowed to travel to Iran?
  • Which entry regulations apply for business trips to Iran?
  • Which kinds of work and residence permits can be used for employee assignments?
  • And what about home search, school search and utilities?
  • Palladium Mobility Group has many years of experience in this field and qualified colleagues on-site.
  • In order to ensure your employees and their families experience a swift and smooth relocation and integration, we take care of things such as
  • Work and residence permits

Even in Iran, bureaucracy is manageable. Nevertheless, these issues should be clarified prior to the assignment and drawing-up of contracts.

Area orientation

An assignment is a costly affair. Considering that, it can often make sense to get to know the location one will be moving to beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Home search

The most important thing for feeling ‘at home’ is a home for yourself and your family. We offer support in all aspects of home search: from selecting properties to viewing them and negotiating rental agreements.


Which telephone provider is best? Do I need to register for electricity? Do I need to open a bank account? We will talk about all of these topics and take care of them.

School search

Which school is best for my children? Which degree of integration will my children experience in which school?

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