In order to attract specialists, leading investors and highly-skilled students, the UAE introduced a program to provide five- and ten-year visas in 2018.

Now after a year has passed, UAE officials have taken another step by announcing that the same people will also be eligible for a permanent residence card.

This comes almost simultaneously with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who have also just recently announced comparable programs.
The so-called Golden Card will be the UAE’s first permanent residence card and will most probably be for those who are already in the country, i.e. students and business people.

This will allow them to change their status in order to receive a Golden Card. It is expected that at present, around 6,800 citizens will benefit from this program.
The introduction of the new permanent residence cards has been ongoing and the first Golden Cards have already been issued.

The government of the UAE intends to boost the economy by means of this newly-introduced program and aims to strengthen its well-known reputation

as an outstanding destination for international specialists and Investors.