Immigration authorities in Hong Kong recently arrested two Chinese citizens for lying about their reasons for travel, proving that the strict transit rules for passengers entering the country are being maintained.
Hong Kong’s immigration authorities released an official statement in January, stating that two Chinese travelers had been arrested and convicted after claiming that they were merely transiting through the country when actually pursuing no plans to further travel to another country. They received a sentence of three and four months in jail.
Employers are to be aware of the consequences for their employees when making false statements at the border of Hong Kong. Furthermore, it is of even greater importance that they make sure that their employees apply and own the proper permits when entering Hong Kong. In general, travelers should keep in mind the strict enforcement of transit rules.
Non-compliance with the local immigration rules may lead to imprisonment for up to 14 years and fines of up to 150,000 USD. Particularly the data of Chinese citizens will be recorded and they may face further investigation on subsequent entries.