The previously determined deadline for the ‘RUTEC’ (Registro Único de Trabajadores Extranjeros en Colombia) – Registry of Foreign Workers in Colombia – has been extended.
Apart from the extension, the conditions have remained the same. Registration in ‘RUTEC’ must be completed within 120 days upon the day of employment contract conclusion for new foreign employees. Moreover, employers must register their new foreign employees on the ‘RUTEC’ online portal together with their individual social security affiliation and their employment contract information by 9th of March.
The introduction of the ‘RUTEC’ System is to make sure that employers are fulfilling the requirements concerning employment contracts and to monitor immigrant employment. Also, it aims to protect the rights and working conditions of immigrant employees in Colombia.
If employers should fail to register their newly-acquired employees and do not comply with the ‘RUTEC’ regulations, the Colombian Employment Office may impose penalties of 260 USD to 1.3 million USD.
The initial deadline for the project was 8th of February. It has been extended due to low numbers of foreigners registered in the system at present.