The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), terminated by the Trump Administration in 2017, has not been announced by the Supreme Court and whether it will review the case or not. This means that most likely it will not consider the case this term, nonetheless, the SC could still accept it for review.
New DACA applications will not be accepted by the Department of Homeland Security, which is currently required by federal court order to only continue renewal applications.
The Trump Administration ended the DACA program in December 2017 with a delayed termination date of 5th of March 2018. It was claimed that the program implemented by the Obama Administration was unconstitutional. However, there are multiple lawsuits currently pending in lower courts that suggest that the previous decision itself to terminate DACA was unconstitutional and a violation of the Administrative Procedure Act. The review by the Supreme Court was requested by the Trump Administration by the end of 2018.
It remains to be seen how the Supreme Court will proceed, as the request for review of the case has neither bin denied nor granted. Also, Congress could still pass a legislative measure which could possibly reinstate the program.